Improve our gaming performance


Be a better player is basic to try to get our goals in eSports. The base for do this is train a lot and improve our skills, but are some techniques that can help you in this way.

We will take some (very basic) recomendations to directly improve your gaming skills.

Use cable instead wireless connection

Using cable we get a more stable connection. With this, we can get lower ping and we can reduce lag. Every milisecond is important to get the best results in our game.

This is applicable in Internet connection and in controllers too. A gamepad, keyboard or mouse plugged by cable offers better results without have to spend a lot of money in a top of randge periferic.

Optimizing your game configuration

If you are playing in PC (even if you do it in console) is recommendable to try to get the upper fps (frames per second) that’s possible.

To do that is recommendable to reduce the graphical quality (textures, render distance, v-sync, …). With this we get a better refresh time without have to spend a lot of money in better components.

With better frame rate is more probable that we can view opponents movement, and it’s easiest to kill them or recover ball to score the definitive goal.

Be aware of sound effects and voice chat

Sound is very important when we are playing. Use a good envelope speakers or headsets can give us a important information about the game: opponents position, game related event, …

You also have to take care about your microphone. It’s very important that your teammates can listen you high and clear to be able to transmit accurated information about game situation.

Never disparage a good sound system and be aware of them.

With this modest recommendations we hope that you will get better results, improve your skill and enjoy a little bit more the game.

Thanks for reading and if you have another recommendations don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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