How to find an eSports team for me?


Currently we are working to improve our board to give you a transversal platform where teams and players can concur with the focus on create and improve eSports teams and clubs.

While it’s in process… you have many ways to find a good team to play. Here you can found some methods.

Create your own team

Creating your own eSports club is the more direct way to start in the gaming competitive scenario. Select your game, find for players to complete it (coming soon we will try to help you too) and start managing relations with another teams and subscribe to open competitions.

It’s the most direct way, and the only one depends exclusive from you. But, maybe it’s not the most easiest way…

Find it on social media networks

You have a lot of social media networks where you can find teams and clubs to join: Twitter, Twitch, Discord, …

We recommend you to find it on Twitter. Probably Twitter is the most generic social network of them, but the vast majority of teams and players have their Twitter profile to share news and announce their achievements to all their fans.

A good search technique is search for “FA” or “Free Agent” and combine it with “eSports”, “gaming” or the name of your game, and looking for profiles with offers to apply, or players who recently arrived to free agency and looking for their old clubs. Then, try to connect with them or send a direct message.

An advice: be realistic. Don’t try to apply to a very important team if you don’t play for a more modest one before. It’s better starting from a small team and go improving slowly.

Find teammates directly on the game

The great majority of eSports team players will try to play their favourite games with their friends or teammattes. It’s a good oportunity to join them if you found them on a game.

We recommend you to keep alive with your random game companions, interact with them, and try to get all the relations that you can! We never know where and when we can found a good mates and where we can arrive with them.

Thank you for read our article, and we hope it was useful for you. If you knows other ways, or you can add some extra information about our recomendations, please, don’t hesitate to share it in our comments with us.

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